Economic Injury Disaster Loan

Application Process




The purpose of this guide is to help you get funding faster by collecting all the documents you need to apply for a loan under the EIDL program.

Collecting these documents now will help you save time so you can get your funds faster.

Application Process:

Step 1: Review the EIDL program with your leadership team and advisors. Ask your leadership team and financial advisors to gather all loan documentation now so you can save time later. Forward the Guide to Applying for EIDL to your advisors.

Step 2: Complete the online loan application with the SBA.

Step 3: Gather all required documentation to prepare for any possible follow up requests from SBA

Potentially required documents:

  • Company financial statements and tax returns
  • Financial statements & tax returns for any individual owner with 20% stake or more
  • List of shareholders
  • Certificate of incorporation / formation

Step 4: Follow up with SBA on application process and funding.

Online Loan Application with SBA

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