Paycheck Protection Program

Action Plan


Visit Stimulus Funding Programs to get free tools and resources to get funded faster
Review the Stimulus Funding Programs with your leadership team and advisors
Send the Guide to Applying for PPP Loan to your leadership team and financial advisors and ask them to gather all loan documentation
Complete the loan application form and borrower information sheet and deliver to your local FDIC lender who is participating in the program
Calculate how much you can borrow through the Paycheck Protection Program. Guide to Calculating Max Loan Amount
Use the Paycheck Protection Calculator to determine the maximum amount you can borrow and learn how you can get the entire loan forgiven.
Review the Corona Crisis Playbook with your leadership team to discover best practices to survive during the crisis and thrive through the recovery
Complete the loan forgiveness application.
Guide to Loan Forgiveness
Document your payroll and operating expenses



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Family Resources

Corona Resources


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