Ten Benefits for Small Businesses

  1. Stimulus: Paycheck Protection Program

    Get up to $10 million dollars in forgivable funding if you are a business with 500 or less employees.

  2. Stimulus: Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL)

    Get up to $2 million dollars of low interest rate loans payable over 30 years if you are a business with 500 or less employees.

  3. Stimulus: Main Street Lending Program

    The Federal Reserve is providing funds for banks to make low interest loans up to $25-$200M to small and medium size businesses.

  4. Federal Tax Filing

    Tax filings and payments are delayed until July 15, 2020.

  5. Payroll Taxes

    Impacted employers are eligible for temporary relief, including the deferral of certain payroll taxes through 2020.

  6. Sick Leave & Family Medical Leave

    Employers are eligible for temporary tax credit against the payroll tax.

  7. Cash Payments

    Direct cash payments of up to $1,200/individual; $2,400/joint filers; $500/child. Payments reduced after annual income level passes $75k/individual; $150k/joint filers; $112.5k/head of household.

  8. Unemployment Benefits

    Employees are eligible for an additional thirteen weeks of federally funded unemployment insurance benefits. Each recipient will receive an additional $600 per week payment.

  9. Federal Student Loans

    Loans are temporarily set to 0% interest rate, with the option to defer payments through September 30, 2020.

  10. Retirement Plans

    Individuals can withdraw up to $100k without penalty and borrow up to $100k against their eligible retirement plans.

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